Handcrafted Albums from Europe

Unique albums featuring modern styles and for those who are more adventurous — completely customizable to suit your vision

All of our albums have lay-flat binding which not only makes it more long lasting and of higher quality but it also makes it easier to design gorgeous layouts with the photographs through the middle of the album.

The wedding album reimagined and redefined

Sitting around with friends and showing off your wedding photos in the best possible way is what wedding albums are all about. All of us love to share our photos and memories, but some things are too special to be kept on a hard drive or on social media. Like your wedding photos. Holding them in your hands as you turn the page will bring back those wonderful memories and little stories that you can share and relive. Not just for today, but for years to come. Everyone appreciates a good story and a good book. 

As much as we would love to create a completely unique book — there is also something to be said about certain options. The offerings we have listed here are a great way to visualize how your book can be. Though we absolutely love taking your ideas and creating something truly unique.

What is constant in all of our albums are: archival ink to ensure everything looks great for many years to come. Thick, rigid paper that should last a lifetime without discoloring, yellowing or fading.  Lay flat pages so that when you open your book your pages lie flat — this is very important when you have a single image running across two pages.  Hand crafted in Europe!  Or for those who demand museum quality albums: Queensberry!

The design of your book should focus on the images and in telling your story. Clean and minimal layouts are used to keep your attention where it really needs to be — your images. Though the overall design is created with your input in mind.  You can have control of the cover, the colors, materials, font and textures of the book or we can simply begin a conversation and create from there. Though the process takes longer — the results are a book you will love and cherish!


During your photo session we capture and create images in both landscape and vertical format which gives us flexibility when it comes to your design. In some cases we may crop the images to give it a more classical square format. 


We work closely with all clients from the initial image selection to the selection of colors and materials in order to customize your album in the most personal way. With endless possibilities, we will guide you through the process to ensure the best possible combination for you. After you select your favorite images we will then create a design that tells a narration of your story. For some couples this means a smaller number of images while other couples wish to have many images. Either way, your book created entirely with your input.


After the 1st initial design, you can add or remove images as well as change the narration of the layout to ensure that your book is 100% as you wish it to be. We realize that sometimes you need a visualization of the layouts and that is why we offer up to 3 free complete revisions.


After our approval of the layout, additional retouching of the images will be executed to ensure a consistency in the style and feel of your book. It is also at this stage that additional artistic enhancement can be made.


Once your album design is approved, we will send you a digital copy of the actual spreads. Once you are 100% satisfied these spreads are sent to our printer in Europe. All albums are hand crafted, packaged and shipped to us. We will then do a QC inspection and contact you to arrange a delivery option.


Where do you order your albums?

All of our albums are made either in Italy or in Poland. Both companies strive to keep their products as earth-friendly as possible. With choosing a company in Europe we minimize delivery time to us before sending them out to you. It also means that we support local small business.

Can we add personal touches to the cover?

Absolutely! Our range of albums are uniquely suited so that we can tailor your vision to them. This means that you can add a photo to the cover or an engraving. We can also offer laser engraving on many of the books — including illustrations or logos. Some books are more suited for embossing and there are options for black and gold for an extra luxurious feel.

How does the designing of the album look like?

When you choose your album size we start designing your album. You will then email us a list of your favorite images which we then begin layout them out. Or if you wish we can select the images used for your layout. You will get your first draft preview in either an online application or we can send you pdf proofs. From there you can make image substitutions, make notations on change or re arrange the order as you see fit.  After you are 100% completely satisfied we will then proceed to having it printed

What options do we have for the parents albums?

You can choose either a duplicate (has to be the same exact layouts as your album), a non-duplicate, a a mini album with less pages.  Each set of parents can have a custom layout with their selection of photographs.