An intimate mini wedding at Lake Bled Slovenia. Professional Wedding Photographer: Austria|Czechia|Germany

Wedding in Lake Bled, Slovenia

Heartfelt, crazy, fun  — the wonderful bride Tomomi and her groom Satoshi traveled over from Japan to have the best elopement experience that Lake Bled can provide. They were gifted with an amazing late afternoon burst of sunlight that made their lake photos truly exceptional.

Lake Bled weddings are memorable in part because of the incredible scenery nestled near the Julian Alps. With a castle dominating the skyline over the crystal clear water below it is an oasis of calm. A wedding at Lake Bled will leave you breathless, especially if you are able to experience the incredible Golden Light hour like this wonderful couple from Japan.

Takeshi & Akemi — Lake Bled destination wedding

Bride & Groom preparation location: Vila Bled

Photography locations: Bled Castle, Lake Bled, Assumption of Mary Church, Vila Bled

Civil Wedding: Lake Bled Town Hall

Church Wedding: St. Martin’s Parish Church

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This stylishly funny & warm Takeshi & Akemi who traveled over from Japan for their intimate wedding in Lake Bled Slovenia. 

The bridal preparation took place at the historic Vila Bled overlooking the crystal clear Alpine lake.  To say that they were giddy with anticipation would be an understatement — they could not wait to get out and get married!

The intense summer sun provided them with some magical sun flare as they walked down the historic vila steps as tourists took pictures and wished them the very best.

Their first stop: Bled Castle. Sitting high above Lake Bled the castle offers impressive views of the surrounding nature that this area is so well renowned for. After exploring the grounds and taking in the scenery — it was time to go inside for a very special presentation —  a bottle of wine that was especially created in honor of their wedding day. Having Slovenian traditions was a big hit as they proudly showed off their wares to the smiling tourists who were happily snapping their pictures.

After some needed refreshments it was time to head to St. Martin’s church for their ceremony. One of the funniest moments was after the ceremony as these two were walking down the aisle —  when the smiling bride picked up her laughing groom for a photo. 

After a few more funny moments,  we walked down the hill to the town hall to make it all legal.  The town hall also provided us with some shade as the sun was searing hot. After their short ceremony they emerged into the sunlight and walked quickly to the lake where the heart of Bled was located so that they could jump for joy in front of it!  

For the next 30 minutes Takeshi & Akemi headed off without the video & stills crew to enjoy some much needed quiet time with a horse & carriage ride before their boat ride out to the little island.  Located in the middle of the lake is the Assumption of Mary Church — where tradition holds that the man has to pick up his bride and carry her up the the 99 steps that lead up to the church. It is also here that tradition stipulates that the  brides & grooms must ring the bells to announce their nuptials to the world. These two decided to skip out on the first tradition but more than made up for it by ringing the bells.

After celebrating their wedding day with some wonderful cake and drinks it was time for Takeshi & Akemi to take leave for the final boat ride of the day on a traditional Pletnas boat. As they walked hand in hand down the stairs their energy level was palpitable as they held their arms up in the air and pumped their fists in joy.  They were all smiles as the sun magically falred around them when they reached the bottom. Photographers love to call this  — God’s Light — as it so beautifully & magically illuminated them from above and behind. A few portraits of the bride & groom having a twirl and a laugh and it was sadly time to leave this special place to head back to the vila. 

Their wedding day went so fast and yet everything about it was superb. When you have a couple who are so happy, excited and non-plussed about anything (the heat, plus the insane amount of tourists would stop them for selfies) it just makes for an unforgettable experience. For Takeshi & Akemi — their Lake Bled wedding is something they will never forget.

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