Julia & Sergio. Professional Wedding Photographer: Austria|Czechia|Germany

Wedding at St. Thomas, Prague

She is the Swiss blonde bombshell with the beautiful smile and he is the Italian man she dreamt of. The tender love that they have for each other and their ability to throw a fantatsic party will never be forgottent for those in attendance.

St. Thomas is one of those historical churches in Prague that we love to capture weddings in. Everything from it’s storied history to the warmth of Father William makes this one of our faves. The Prague Four Seasons, The Augustine and the party at the Cloud 9 Sky Bar make this wedding a personal fave.

Julia + Sergio: luxury destination wedding in Prague

Wedding Venue: St. Thomas

wedding reception The Augustine

2nd reception & dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel

after party at Cloud 9 Sky Bar & Lounge

Wedding Planning Andrea Husanova

‘My name is Julia. I am planning to get married on 28th of June. After browsing your beautiful work on your website my fiancée and I would like to involve you as our photographer for our special day.

I was totally smitten when I met Julia & Sergio. They were so excited, so very much in love and full of life — you just knew that they were planning a truly special day for the union of their two families: families & friends from Italy, Russia, Switzerland and many others from around the world. 

They knew Prague, it’s best locations and they knew exactly what they were looking for. My only concern: making sure that they had time to enjoy their wedding day. Weddings can be so over choreographed that couples rarely have a few moments alone —  until it is time for bed. As we discussed everything in detail I was quite happy to assist in thier timeline to ensure that they had those precious moments that they yeared for.their

As you can Julia & Sergio had the time to breath, relax and take it all in after a beautiful wedding ceremony at St. Thomas.  Afterwards we took leave of the guests for a small private walk through their favorite part of Prague Castle. They were all smiles  as they walked hand in hand exploring, laughing, hugging and embracing so very tightly. I doubt they will ever forget that feeling of being so alive at that special moment on that wonderful summer day.

Their wedding was heartflet, so beautiful and in so many ways. Such as Sergio serenading his wife, or Julia almost in tears when friends presented her with gifts and of course who can forget about the late nigth partying?  I do hope that this small collection of images conveys the happiness and joy that these two wonderful people experienced on that summer day in Prague.heartfelt

Clients Testimonials:

Thank you so much for all of your help on our wedding day. You are the best photographer a bride & groom could ask for. Your relaxed and kind hearted nature made us both feel so comfortable on the day and the lead up. You captured some very special moments that Julia and I will treasure forever.

Our album is AMAZING! 

We have said it before and will say it again — You are the best!!!!!

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