An elegant and modern Album featuring a clean design with a thin embedded aluminum plate which can be printed with text or a photograph. Some of the cover materials can be customized with embossing or embroidery. With 101 cover material options these albums can be tailored to suit your needs. 

Available sizes are: 

20×20 cm* 

30×20 cm*

22×30 cm* 

30×30 cm* 

40×30 cm* 

30×40 cm* 

38×38 cm* 

*size of the photo on the cover 20×2 cm 30×2 cm 22×2 cm 30×2 cm 40×2 cm 30×2 cm 38×2 cm 

Available technologies 

  • UV Protection HD exposure 640 DPI Kodak Endura Paper 
  • Color options of the first and last page: White pages I Black pages I Zebra pages (alternating black and white) 
  • The trim of the page options: Gold I Silver Rounded corners I Square corners 
  • Pages: Light 125g I Standard 300g I Heavy 700g 
  • First & Last sheet color: White I Black I Cream 
  • Please note the Laser Engraving I Embroidery I Debossing options noted on the sample images above

Please note that shipping and handling of products are not included in the price — all books are shipped to the studio for inspection before sent out.

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