For couples who know exactly what they wish to have in their dream album. 

Our modern line of uniquely created albums designed completely with your input. We will work with you every step of the way to design and execute the album of your dreams! 

With up to 101 cover options we can create in a style that suits your vision. We can also add a box as well as a USB containing your collection of files

Available sizes are: 

20×20 cm* 

30×20 cm* 

22×30 cm* 

30×30 cm* 

40×30 cm* 

*For those wishing to have a cover photo included in the design the following are the sizes of the photo 8×8 cm 16×9 cm 9×16cm 13×13cm 21×11cm 

  • Available technologies UV Protection HD exposure 640 DPI Kodak Endura Paper 
  • Color options of the first and last page: White pages I Black pages I Zebra pages (alternating black and white) 
  • The trim of the page options: Gold I Silver Rounded corners I Square corners 
  • Pages: Light 125g I Standard 300g I Heavy 700g First & Last sheet color: White I Black I Cream 
  • Please note the Laser Engraving I Embroidery I Debossing options noted on the sample Covers above 

Please note that shipping and handling of products are not included in the price — all books are shipped to the studio for inspection before sent out.

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