Vrtba Garden wedding in Prague. Professional Wedding Photographer: Austria|Czechia|Germany

Wedding at the Vrtba Garden

What is not to love about a deeply connected couple with great taste who chose Prague for their destination wedding?

We love weddings at the Vrtba Garden because of it’s scenic landscaped gardens, wonderful architecture and stunning vistas from the top that showcase the red roofs of Mala Strana and the majestic Prague Castle. The Vrtba Garden is one of our favorite wedding venues in Prague.

Michelle & Michal — Prague destination wedding

Wedding Venue: The Vrtba Garden

wedding reception:  The Villa Richter

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The destination wedding of Michelle & Michal who married at the Vrtba Garden in Prague.

What makes this wedding so special — the many wonderful moments shared not only between this gorgeous couple but between their many family & friends. 

The bride & groom prep took place at the Aria Hotel which overlooks the Vrtba Garden. For any bride & groom who is considering marrying in Prague the Vrtba Garden is one they should play high on their list of venues. The garden provides an oasis in the summer months such as during this wedding when the weather was very hot. One of those unforgettable moments was when the proud father visited his daughter during her preparation. Keeping their eyes dry (and the makeup perfect) almost became an issue for a few moments.

Waiting patiently down below and always with a huge grin was Michal.  He could barely contain his excitement as his beautiful bride was lovingly escorted in to the ceremonial hall.

The happiness these two radiated as they said their vows was unforgettable and their joy was shared by all who watched this beautiful moment unfold.

After capturing the many funny moments shared by family & friends during their portrait session — we headed up to the top of the garden where luckily it was not as busy as it normally is. The location high above Vrtba provides a wonderful view of the city of Prague.  It  always leaves a lasting impression for couples who need to catch their breathe and enjoy a few precious moments with each other. It really is one of the most amazing views that brides & grooms cherish.

The Villa Richter was where the evenings festivities were to be held in their honor.  On this sweltering summer night it also gave us a wonderful view of the fireworks that went off that evening as a cool breeze blew in during the festivities.

For many couples taking a few moments leave of their family & guests are always appreciated. After all having time with each other on ones wedding day can be quite limited. I always encourage couples to take 15 minutes away from their guests if they can. Sometimes couples quietly walk around and take in the sites to calm themselves after a stressful day.  Other times, the real magic occurs such as Michal taking Michelle by the hand and serenading her as they danced in the vineyards above Prague. It was beautiful — something every bride can and would appreciate. But these two were not done as Michelle returned the favour and these two did a quick dance. It was magical and something that they will never forget.

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