About Kurt

I believe that life is a gift and that the short time we have should be spent with those that we love and in doing what makes us happy. I gave up a 'job for life' at a university to pursue a dream. First as a reportage photographer covering international news and later as a story teller capturing moments of happiness, love and life.

An artist at heart, I simply love creating. For me the real gift is the ability to capture a moment that will not only be  cherished but past down to the next generations.  

Professional background

I studied photojournalism at a prestigious university in the United States.  Though I had already spent many years living in Germany. My first position after my studies was the director of photography at one of America’s top 10  university athletic departments.  During this time I regularly photographed the NFL, NBA, The Kentucky Derby, Breeders Cup, PGA and was even the event and personal photographer for Muhammad Ali and his foundation.  After nearly 5-years  working non-stop —  I  yearned for a new life back in Europe and in a completely different direction.

Fate intervened and I ended up as a staff photojournalist at The Prague Post, in the Czech Republic. 

After a year, I decided to focus on capturing social issues  and international news reporting for the likes of:  The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Financial Times, Spectrum Pictures and later as a contributor for Getty Images and Wire Image. 

It was a wonderful, heartbreaking ride, but something was missing. Fate intervened again a few years later when one of my journalism colleagues demanded I fly half way around the world to capture her wedding in San Diego. When I exclaimed that I was not a damn wedding photographer!  Her retort: that is exactly why we want you!  That wedding was an eye opener. To use my abilities to capture so much happiness, love and tender moments was something my soul needed. I quit photojournalism shortly afterwards when another collague asked me to photograph a German & Italian wedding in Vicenza — the bonus: I could take my young family along. 

 Since that fatefuly time  I have captured the love stories of many including 8 professional wedding & portrait photographers. When you can make a wedding photographer cry in happiness you are doing something rigth.

 I am very lucky that clients put their trust in me to bring back something truly wonderful and honest. My style is not for everyone but for those who choose me — they are always happily rewarded.


No award can ever top being told that children were being adopted from an orphanage I profiled by American couples who had seen their plight. No award can ever top that feeling. 

Two 1st place awards in the Best of Photojournalism for reporting on the sectarian violence in N. Ireland as well as a reportage on the plight of street children living in the sewers in Ukraine. 

A hand full of Czech Press Photo Awards plus various other awards for photojournalism and sports photography. 

In addition to the photojournalism awards I have achieved a: WPJA Top 100 Artistic Guild Wedding Photographer Award.


My solo and group shows have been exhibited in: London, New York City, Prague and in Louisville, Kentucky.

Below — a collection of some of my art prints.

Bio. Professional Wedding Photographer: Austria|Czechia|Germany
Bio. Professional Wedding Photographer: Austria|Czechia|Germany
Bio. Professional Wedding Photographer: Austria|Czechia|Germany
Bio. Professional Wedding Photographer: Austria|Czechia|Germany